The 20th Century saw the popularity of costume jewelry. Multiple types of gems and steel created chunky geometric jewelry and by the 1960s, costume jewelry was widely worn till today. This resulted in ever-changing styles of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings for all seasons.

    The attractiveness of these designs comprising a single strand of stone or love beads or pendant necklaces made of metal chains or leather strips with metal pendants are popularised and worn mostly by men.

    Classic pearls to colourful birthstones at Jewelry and Watches offers something for every woman and every occasion. The collection includes nature-inspired feminine flowers and snowflakes to symbolise knots, opulent stones and symbolic motifs. 

    Bracelets and earrings which are hand-finished included a versatile range of beautiful lasting materials. In timeless style, they feature a variety of classic and modern stone setting and unique embellishments

   We strongly believe that luxury should be easily accessible to everyone, to enjoy the fun and beauty of everyday life. We get the inspiration from you, the real smart mindful woman . To that end, we work with top jewellers, who are committed to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical practices to produce quality products.   .

    We sell directly to you as we free ourselves from the middlemen, thus providing these fine jewelry at a fraction of the price, as it is our mission to have every women to embrace a daily dose of luxury. 

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