Accurate Timepieces Are Very Affordable Today

   Most watches today are inexpensive as even medium-priced ones used mainly for timekeeping have quartz movement as a standard. While expensive collectibles watches on the other hand are valued more for their elaborate craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, extremely glamorous designs more than for timekeeping,  these traditional mechanical movements are more expensive than electronic ones  even though they are less accurate.

    1969 saw the introduction of the first quartz watch by Omega. It uses a battery-driven oscillator circuit quartz crystal resonator which vibrates at 8,192 Hz. Since 1980, more quartz watches and mechanical ones have been made.

      Expensive watches like one worn by Spanish tennis player Nadal in the French Open cost US$ 1.3 million. Why? Because this sports watch has Tourbillon or Whirlwind mechanics in it. ( It was stolen from his hotel room but was recovered later. Apparently, it could not be re-sold as it has only a limited edition made by Richard Mille)

    This watch only weighs 38 gms as it was made of ultra-lightweight titanium, carbon TPT and graph TPT.This material is 6 times lighted than steel and 200 times stronger than steel. It contained the substance graphene which was isolated in 2010, by the scientist who earned the Nobel prize in Physics.

    Dress watches differ from Sports watches in being rugged. Some dress watches have gemstones, bezel or bracelets. Fashion today thrives on these looks as they look dainty. It was researched that watches which mimic expensive brand-names watches constituted an estimated US $ 1 billion per year.

   Expensive wristwatches often appreciated as jewelry or as collectibles than time pieces and they are not often worn daily. On the other hand, interchangeable fashionable watches for business sports and causal wear are seen all year round.

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