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While drivers always observe traffic rules there will be situations when sudden changes in road conditions or weather  will temporarily affect driver's line of sight. Oil patches reflections, sudden rain, strong sunlight and high-beam glaring during evenings from oncoming cars too. 

Drivers will intermittently blinking your eyes to reduce this great discomfort to reduce this fuzzy feeling.It is without doubt every driver will experience these conditions anytime throughout the year.

Technology has created driving lenses to meet all these needs. They protect  the driver's eyes by shielding strong harmful UV rays in the daytime while increasing clarity intensity in rainy weather or filtering  bright headlights from oncoming cars. They also reflect off glare caused by horizontal lights that were reflected off surfaces from snow, water and roads. 

Layers in these polarised lenses bonds the polarizing film. Other layer absorbs UV rays while the last shock proofing layer helps prevent the lenses from scratches and increase impact resistance, keeping the pair of glasses for a very long time. . 

 For safety and comfort these were designed with safety and comfort in mind. Its great for long road trips or those who drive AT NIGHT. With polarised glasses drivers stay focussed on the road at all times and STAY SAFE FOREVER. For only a few dollars, BE SAFE and keep a pair in your car at all times.

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